Southern Oregon Financial Fraud & Security Team
Welcome to the Southern Oregon Financial
Fraud and Security Team's website.  SOFFAST
is dedicated to the early detection and
apprehension of suspects involved in financial
crimes, forgery, fraud and identity theft.

SOFFAST accomplishes this mission with a
group of dedicated professionals from the law
enforcement community and local financial

Because many suspects will commit crimes at
multiple institutions, SOFFAST meets regularly
to discuss recent suspicious activity.  Banks
and law enforcement exchange information,
photographs, false identification information
and other relevant information with each other.

Probably the most important aspect of SOFFAST is the network it has created
between local financial institutions and law enforcement.  Banks involved in
SOFFAST work closely with local police detectives that are members of SOFFAST.  
This allows banks and law enforcement agencies to have direct contacts with each

If you are a member of a financial institution or law enforcement agency that has a
local SOFFAST chapter and are interested in becoming a member, please click on
the "Contact US" button on the left for more information.

Thank you for taking a look at our site.  Feel free to e-mail questions or concerns to
any Board of Directors member.